Function createIndex

  • Type Parameters

    • Document = any

    • ID = any


    • options: SearchIndexOptions<Document, ID>

      Configuration options


      // Create a search engine that indexes the 'title' and 'text' fields of your
      // documents:
      const searchIndex = createIndex({ fields: ['title', 'text'] })

      ID Field:

      // Your documents are assumed to include a unique 'id' field, but if you want
      // to use a different field for document identification, you can set the
      // 'idField' option:
      const searchIndex = createIndex({ idField: 'key', fields: ['title', 'text'] })

      Options and defaults:

      // The full set of options (here with their default value) is:
      const searchIndex = createIndex({
      // idField: field that uniquely identifies a document
      idField: 'id',

      // extractField: function used to get the value of a field in a document.
      // By default, it assumes the document is a flat object with field names as
      // property keys and field values as string property values, but custom logic
      // can be implemented by setting this option to a custom extractor function.
      extractField: (document, fieldName) => document[fieldName],

      // tokenize: function used to split fields into individual terms. By
      // default, it is also used to tokenize search queries, unless a specific
      // `tokenize` search option is supplied. When tokenizing an indexed field,
      // the field name is passed as the second argument.
      tokenize: (string, _fieldName) => string.split(SPACE_OR_PUNCTUATION),

      // processTerm: function used to process each tokenized term before
      // indexing. It can be used for stemming and normalization. Return a falsy
      // value in order to discard a term. By default, it is also used to process
      // search queries, unless a specific `processTerm` option is supplied as a
      // search option. When processing a term from a indexed field, the field
      // name is passed as the second argument.
      processTerm: (term, _fieldName) => term.toLowerCase(),

      // searchOptions: default search options, see the `search` method for
      // details
      searchOptions: undefined,

      // fields: document fields to be indexed. Mandatory, but not set by default
      fields: undefined

      // storeFields: document fields to be stored and returned as part of the
      // search results.
      storeFields: []

    Returns SearchIndex<Document, ID>

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