Interface VacuumOptions

Options to control vacuuming behavior.

Vacuuming cleans up document references made obsolete by discard from the index. On large indexes, vacuuming is potentially costly, because it has to traverse the whole inverted index. Therefore, in order to dilute this cost so it does not negatively affects the application, vacuuming is performed in batches, with a delay between each batch. These options are used to configure the batch size and the delay between batches.

interface VacuumOptions {
    batchSize?: number;
    batchWait?: number;


batchSize?: number

Size of each vacuuming batch (the number of terms in the index that will be traversed in each batch). Defaults to 1000.

batchWait?: number

Wait time between each vacuuming batch in milliseconds. Defaults to 10.

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